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YC-33 Hand bag vacuum cleaner. Industrial vacuum cleaner.
Description: Hand bag vacuum cleaner. Cyclone vacuum cleaner.

       YC-33  Hand bag vacuum cleaner

Hand bag vacuum cleaner. The filter bag is blocked. Manually shake the rocker to easily shake off the dust.
1. Hand bag type dust collector.
2. Bag dust collector. Cyclone dust collector.
3. Suitable for coarse dust, wood chips and so on.
4. The main barrel is made of stainless steel 304, which is durable and                                easy to clean. T
he tripod is SS400.
5. Adopt the principle of cyclone centrifugal force to suck dust or  particles  into the        lower bucket.
6. There are various horsepower and size specifications, which can be matched                according to the needs of the situation.
7. With pressure gauge, you can see if there is any blockage at a glance.

8. Accessory brush set and hose 5 meters. Accessory cable is 5 meters.

    (If you want to use a plug, please bring your own  or provide it)

9.When the suction power is weakened, stop the machine first, and clean the filter           bag with the joystick before using it.

10.If there are temperature or ignition point problems (such as magnesium alloy,etc.),      please ask for other models, and you have to design separately.

The suction port diameter can be changed.

*The machine is copyrighted by YU- CHA Company.

*YU-CHA Company reserves the right to change the design.                        

                           YC-33  Hand bag vacuum cleaner