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YC-55 Industrial automatic pulse vacuum. Dry and wet vacuum cleaner. Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner
Description: Suitable for any powder, such as graphite, fiber and aluminum powder etc. Also, suitable for iron chips and copper chips etc.

   Industrial automatic pulse vacuum cleaner

The most powerful. Durable industrial vacuum cleaner. It can run for 24           hours. Auto pulse cleaning filter. Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.


The main body is made from stainless steel 304,  featuring long durability and easy to clean. 

  The tripod is SS400. 

Employ cyclonic centrifugal principle to suck powder  or granule into bottom drum.
The blower is applied for sucking air only. The sucked  dusts do not directly contact with motor for increased  service life of motor.

Dry and wet vacuum cleaner,  Can also be used as

a central dust collection device​.

Allows for 24 hours operation.
Suitable for poisonous or non-poisonous dusts such as Aluminum alloy,Magnesium alloy,graphite, fiber, food, carbon powder, aluminum  powder, pesticide and medicine.There is another design for temperature or ignition point(such as magnesium alloy).
Cinder.Iron chips or copper chips can also be collected with maximum durability and easy cleaning.
High pressure pulsated jet for automatically cleaning  dusts existed in the center of filter core. Dusts are  knocked off automatically, making it suitable for 24  hours operations.

The innovative dust collector in Taiwan with  automatically pulsated filer-core features silent  operation.

The filter-core is manufactured from PET bellow type filtering element, providing greater filtering area. Applicable for any fine powder.Can be used as a central dust collector.
Easy to clean by simply pulling out the pulling rod and remove the lower tank.
Various motor horsepowers and specification to meet specific requirement.
The filter-core allows for filtering powder of up to 0.1µm(micron) .
Equipped with sound buffering device for reducing noise.
Equipped with pressure gauge for clearly checking if any jamming occurs or not.

 • Accessory brush set and hose 5 meters.

     Accessory cable is 5 meters. (If you want to use a        plug, please bring your own or provide it)

  The suction port diameter can be changed

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