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** YU CHA nano-membrane filter has passed the ASHRAE test. The filtration       efficiency reaches MERV 16

Company Profile
Yu Cha Company specializes in design and manufacturing of industrial dust collectors and material handling equipment with their outstanding quality and performance. Yu Cha's products have been fully recognized by customers in both domestic and overseas. Currently Yu Cha's wide range of products include : CARTRIDGE DUST COLLECTOR.. pulsed dust collectors, Explosion-proof dust collector, water-leachable dust collectors, pulsed sifting machines, vacuum power suction machines and material suction machines. Under the company's policy of "Constant Innovation and Breakthrough", we have constantly developed more advanced and automated equipment. Among which include the equipment for fast separating plastic material and the equipment for filtering the contaminated materials, such as asbestos, fiber, carbon power which are floating in the air during processing process. The new models also reduce noise level to a minimum.

Based on the Yu Cha's outstanding research and development capability, we will constantly develop high performance machines with high quality to help our customers improve their working environment. And these have been Yu Cha's insistence since the company established.

Principles of Management
The four major goals that Yu Cha Company strives to achieve are:
1. Guaranteed quality 
2. Be innovative
3. Sincerity (customer first) 
4. Keep forging ahead
We will continue to provide quality service giving our customers the best that they deserve

Advantages of Our Products
With many years of experience in the field of powder suction machine and dust collector, combining our professional experience and new designs, our company has broken the tradition and improved the functions of these machineries that is needed such as, optics camera lens material, by using pulsed sifting machine during the production of medical products, this machine is able to separate the smirch and dust. After many researches, the separation of dust particle is able to be designed upon request and also the injection of high air pressure will not let the dust be blocked. As a result of this, the quality of our product is closer to perfection. The water-leachable dust collector will be able to eliminate fiber, 16, carbon powder, aluminum powder that are harmful to humans during the production process. In order to prevent the explosion of dust, special designs has been made in this kind of water-leachable dust collector.Stainless steel #304 has been used in this kind of machine as this kind of material can improve the durability of the machines. Also silencer have been added to reduce the noise levels in the working place. When it comes to cleaning the machine, the traditional machine is very troublesome and also the dust will fly about in the air. Compared to the traditional dust collector, the new model is very ergonomic as it is very convenient to clean, just like taking out the garbage at home. Also, customers do not have the trouble of needing to change fans. Another product of our company is material suction machine. This model is very useful to have as it recycles plastic material, food powder and other materials. It is made from Stainless steel and PE filter  and non-stick products can be used in the machine. This machine will not be blocked, the ability to distribute is strong and also the machine is very fast at changing materials. Due to so many advantages, this machine has been well recognized in this industry. Yu Cha Company will keep forging ahead and be innovative and we will maintain our guaranteed quality both in our service and quality. We will strive to make our products long lasting and durable. In the future, we hope all of our products will 100 % meet the needs of every one of our customers.









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